(Winnie Hu’s article appeared in The New York Times, 7/31.)

The Hostos Repertory Company does not have a manager and uses a classroom as a rehearsal space. Many of its 11 members have never spent much time out of the Bronx. Two have never been on a plane.

The company is run on a shoestring budget, supported one play at a time by a community college that does not even have a theater department.

But on Thursday, the student repertory company at Hostos Community College will travel
across the Atlantic to join thousands of seasoned and heralded performers in Edinburgh, Scotland, for one of the largest and most prestigious arts festivals in the world. Months of grueling rehearsals, fund-raising and anticipation will culminate on Tuesday with a performance of “Rough Magic,” a modern take on Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” that is set partly in New York City.


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