(Michael Feingold’s article appeared in the Village Voice, 5/8.)

Samuel (Rocco Sisto), the central figure of Richard Foreman's new work, Old-Fashioned Prostitutes (A True Romance) (Public Theater), has a problem. Not a major problem—those were dealt with in Foreman's 1993 creation, Samuel's Major Problems. But as usual with Foreman heroes, Samuel's problems, major or minor, come from over-introspection. Like those very early Foreman protagonists
who had trouble just getting through the door, he's often too hung up to move at all. Hence the new piece's many long, loaded silences. Its opening, in fact, is very nearly also its closing: An initial announcement is followed by a moment of dead air, broken by one of Foreman's crash-box effects, and an offstage voice that thunders, "End of play!"


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