Twelfth Night or What You Will,
by William Shakespeare.

Duration  2 hours

First broadcast Sunday 22 April 2012

Shakespeare's comedy of disguise, madness and love, starring David Tennant as Malvolio.

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A comedy of misrule and a trenchant attack on puritanism as disguise and deceit leads to misadventure, madness and mistaken love in one of Shakespeare's happiest plays. Orsino loves Olivia but she loves Cesario who really does love Orsino for Cesario is actually Viola. But Malvolio believes his mistress Olivia loves him as he is a victim of a trick played on him by those who would make him mad. Shakespeare unravels a comic knot and fashions a masterpiece.

Viola/Cesario ….. Naomi Frederick.
Sebastian ….. Trystan Gravelle.
Sea Captain ….. Gerard McDermott.
Orsino ….. Paul Ready.
Valentine ….. Harry Livingstone.
Maria ….. Rosie Cavaliero.
Sir Toby Belch ….. Ron Cook.
Sir Andrew Aguecheek ….. Adam James.
Olivia ….. Vanessa Kirby.
Feste ….. James Lailey.
Malvolio …. David Tennant.
Fabian ….. Don Gilet.
Antonio ….. Peter Hamilton Dyer.

Music composed by Roger Goula.

Directed by Sally Avens.

First broadcast in April 2012.

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