(from Gary Heidt)

In SHELLY'S SPHERICAL JOURNEY, Cassandra Victoria Chopourian creates the wacky, big-hearted but impulsively pyromaniacal character of Shelly.  Shelly is sick of running the motel she inherited and feels like her life is a dead end.  So she burns it down and goes on the road, but it's less Thelma and Louise and more Beckett meets Bugs Bunny when every single thing goes wrong.  She ends up back where she started, worse off but wiser–now instead of owning a motel, she works as a maid at a big chain hotel.

There's a lot of really sweet music by a great band and singers, great dancing.  Rehearsals have been full of laughter and tears.  SHELLY'S SPHERICAL JOURNEY is funny and goofy and silly but it's also deeply moving.  There are all kinds of narrative and critical levels going on talking about what home is, about ethnicity, class, freedom and free doom, and circularity, recurrence, transmutation.

Just right for today.

Tickets are already on sale online!  We want to encourage people to come to

OPENING MATINEE on Saturday August 11 at 2 PM.  But there are 4 other performances as well.


But there are 4 other performances in August as well.

Sat 11 @ 2  Sun 12 @ 9  Sat 18 @ 2*  Mon 20 @ 7  Sun 26 @ 12 

All take place at La MaMa's First Floor Theater, 74A East 4th Street

(2nd Avenue & Bowery)

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