(The following is a second review by a visiting Business student from Beijing Normal University Zhuhai, who spent four weeks at the College of Mount Saint Vincent this summer.) 


LIFE IS ART by Yvonne

Last Thursday, we went to the Delacorte Theater to watch Shakespeare's As You Like It. I loved this drama! In order to enjoy it to its fullest, however, you really should learn something about the plot.

Orlando, a young gentleman, had fallen in love with Rosalind. He was forced to flee his home after being persecuted by his older brother Oliver. Orlando found the Duke and his men and began living with them. He posted simplistic love poems for Rosalind on the trees. Rosalind, also in love with Orlando, disguised herself as Ganymede. "He" said "he" would take Rosalind's place and they would act out their relationship. Orlando then saw Oliver in the forest and rescued him, causing Oliver to repent for mistreating Orlando. In the final scene, Frederick repented his faults. They decided to restore his brother to the dukedom and he adopted a religious life.

It was so impressive about those talented actors. They were Lily Rabe, David Furr, and Renee Elise Goldsberry. They all demonstrated skillful actings and charming voices. The heroine, Rosalind, was so funny when she said to Phebe:"You are not for all markets!"

Before I saw this play, I didn't think I would be surprised by Shakespeare but I was. This was the first time I saw a play by myself. I was sitting near the stage, imagining it was me who was the lovely Rosalind.

By the way, As You Like It was one of Shakespare's most famous comedies. He wrote this play in 1599. The backdrop was a forest; finally Orlando and Rosalind lived together happily. I really enjoyed it, although it didn't really reflect reality. Real love isn't always as easy as it was in this play. When I took out my notes again, everything about that night comes back to me. I can remember Duke Senior, Touchstone, as well as the guitarists.

The plot also reminded me of the person who I had a secret crush on. However, my story didn't have a happy ending. I was thinking about how luxurious the love was in this play. For instance, the shepherd called Silvius went through so much to woo Phebe. I hoped I could meet the right person some day. I hoped I could live a happy life like Orlando and Rosalind.


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