OK, NEW YORK, you asked for it . . . DEREK AHONEN and THE AMORALISTS are apparently introducing fully clothed playwriting seminars (write them at: http://theamoralists.eventbrite.com/ to find out why) . . . which will teach you how to make the outrageous idea personal . . . Over the course of the class your text will be read by members of the award-winning AMORALISTS ACTING COMPANY . . . GARY HEIDT is back with “LOVESPHERE 17: BUBBLES, A COMMUNOPHENOMENOLOGICAL MANIFESTO” . . .  a heavily improvised, yet structured performance, influenced by PETER SLOTERDIJK's Spheres Trilogy and directed by CASSANDRA VICTORIA CHOPOURIAN  (I’m sure it will all make perfect sense when you get there—he’s  been doing this for years . . . clip above): It's at THEATER FOR THE NEW CITY, 8 pm on March 23 and 24 and 4 pm on March 25th. Tickets are $10, for reservations call 212 254 1109 . . . The cast–of experienced improvisers–includes ANNE BASSEN, YASCHA BILAN, LEE BURTON, STEVE DWORKIN, LAUREN FARBER, RICH GROSS, EVAN LAURENCE, and JOHN ZUREKSTEVEN WISHNIA is on bass and BRADLEY MANNING is on percussion . . .   For more information contact Gary Heidt at garyheidt@gmail.com . . . The indestructible KATHLEEN WARNOCK has again found airfare to Ireland—her new show will play there in May.  In the meantime, go to DRUNKEN CAREENING WRITERS (FOR FREE): Thursday, March 15, 7pm at KGB BAR, 85 E. 4th St. and see "WRITERS. WOMEN. NEW YORKERS. GOT IT?" . . . You’ll hear the latest from MICHELE CARLO, JENIFER LEVIN, SONIA PILCER . . . KATHLEEN will, of course, preside . . . Give DONNA my love . . . Another inimitable, GLORY KADIGAN, is seeking 25 ACTORS of various types and ages for her new directorial effort, “THE EMPRESS OF SEX,” auditions in late March. Please email head shots and resumes to Glory Kadigan at PlanetGlory@gmail.com . . . the play is by DUNCAN PFLASTER, Choreography by JOE BARROS, Assistant Direct and Stage Manage by LONDON GRIFFITH and NEAL KOWALSKI . . . Scenic Design by MARISSA BERGMAN, Lighting by CHRISTOHER WESTON, Costumes by ISABELLE FIELDS, Sound by JACOB SUBOTNICK . . .  Show runs in June at the UPSTAIRS THEATER at 45 Bleecker (Home to the Culture Project) as part of THE PLANET CONNECTIONS FESTIVITY. http://planetconnections.org/

Find it in your heart to love someone in the avant-garde today!

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