(Michael Billington’s article appeared in the Guardian, 2/1.)  

One thing intrigues me about this fine play, presented as part of the Young Writers festival: how come its 26-year-old author, Luke Norris, knows so much about senior citizens? Through, I presume, a mixture of observation and his actor's intuition, Norris has come up with a fascinating 75-minute play about the differing possibilities of love.

Like David Eldridge's In Basildon, Norris's play is set in Essex and deals with family tensions. This time, however, the crisis arises when 18-year-old David discovers that his 69-year-old grandad, Frank, is having an affair. Threatened with exposure, Frank reveals to Iris, his wife of 45 years, that he plans to leave her for the widowed Rita. But when Frank has a stroke that puts him in intensive care, the two women are left to battle over his sadly disabled body.


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