(Michael Riedel’s article appeared in the New York Post, 2/2.)

In his heyday, David Merrick was the most powerful producer on Broadway. He had taste. He was prolific. He knocked out hits — “Look Back in Anger,” “Hello, Dolly!” “42nd Street.”

And he could put the fear of God in actors, writers, directors and agents. When crossed, he retaliated — swiftly and brutally.

Scott Rudin is the David Merrick of today. He’s certainly got taste (“Fences”). God knows he’s prolific (movies, Broadway, television — he does them all). As for hits, well, his latest — “The Book of Mormon” — will make more money than all of Merrick’s winners put together.

And like Merrick, he does not suffer fools, especially ones who go back on their word.

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