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The American playwright Thomas McCormack has set up a website with three scripts on it (visit: www.tommccormackplays.com).  FOR THREE $2,500 PRIZES, ALL YOU HAVE TO DO is put together each play's most persuasive cast-proposal.

Some Contest Rules: All members of a suggested cast need not actually be available at this moment, but each must be living, experienced, still performing, and of apt age and character-projection. No more than one submission per play will be considered from a contestant. The volume of submissions may make it impossible to acknowledge each one. Instead, the three winning proposals, and the names of the proposers (unless the proposer wants to remain anonymous) will be published on McCormack’s site immediately after the deadline of November 1, 2011. If several readers suggest the same ideal cast, the prize will be divided among those readers.


McCormack’s "Endpapers" ran for five months in a 499-seat Off Broadway theater, putting its cumulative audience in the top three or four among the hundreds of Off-Broadway plays in the past decade.  Reviews include:

"…If all his work turns out as good as this, his first play, we can only wish McCormack long life and hold our breath."—John Simon, NEW YORK MAGAZINE

"…Finally, most certainly, you will be exposed to the wittiest, most talented playwriting available anywhere… true genius… unlikely to be duplicated in any contemporary drama now playing. Thomas McCormack does it all."— Mike Schwartz, THEATER WORLD RADIO/TV

"Thomas McCormack's first full-length play, 'Endpapers'… opened to a number of sparkling reviews, and let's hope he agrees with them. His play rings true from the confident opening moments… Welcome to the theater, Mr. McCormack!"– John Heilpern, THE NEW YORK OBSERVER

For more information: www.tommccormackplays.com.


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