David Gibbs, owner of DARR Publicity (http://www.darrpublicity.com/), writes to say Stage Voices review of Ahonen/Rapp HotelMotel (8/16—clips above) called “insightful” on the Lisa Lewis Web siteLiving the Dream, Sort of’ (http://www.lisalewiswriting.com/).              

The theme of the piece begs the question:

How often do playwrights need to have their work seen to build and maintain audience in the current market? Every six months? Two years?  Upon death?

Writers, producers, publicists, actors, agents, show people, if you have an opinion, leave a comment or write me at Bobjshuman@gmail.com for a post.

David Ives once called a show, All in the Timing.  Is it?

Thanks David and Lisa!

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