(Michael Coveney’s article appeared in the Independent, 8/8.)

Julian Sands is still best known for his appearance in A Room with a View, but that may have to be altered to "A Room with a Point of View" after this coruscating evocation of Harold Pinter, in which he makes a case for Pinter as a great poet, "had he revealed himself" as one. The performance has been directed in Edinburgh by John Malkovich who, like Sands, reveres Pinter, an obeisance he shares with the other great dramatist he, Malkovich, first "popularised", David Mamet – himself a beneficiary of Pinter's influence and championship. So there's a great deal of passion in Sands's performance which he discharges in one of the larger, vaulted venues in the Pleasance Courtyard.


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