Playwright Steve Fife writes:

“. . .  saw an amazing new play out here . . .  called "A Death in Colombia" by Shem Bitterman . . .  playing at the Skylight with Roxanne Hart and Joe Regalbuto.  Mind-blowingly good!  3 characters in all, one set.  One of the best American political plays that I've ever seen.  Hell, one of the best contemporary American plays I've ever seen.  About an American woman living in Bogota whose left-wing activist husband has disappeared, and she's waiting to hear what has happened.  First she gets a visit from her husband's latest conquest, a young American college student who is having an affair with him.  Then she is visited by a man who claims to be a college buddy from Harvard 25 years ago, but who has a very different agenda.”

Venue: Skylight Theater

1816 1/2 N. Vermont Los Angeles CA 90027

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