(Scott Stiffler’s article appeared in the Villager, 2/17-2/24.)

You know how it is. You work six days a week, pouring your heart and soul and blood and sweat — and occasionally, on command, your tears — into everything you do. When you finally get a day off, all you want to do is…work.

Linda Lavin’s life would make for a very sad story indeed — if the work in question were some Dickensian task performed amidst deplorable conditions and bereft of thanks for a job well done.

Fortunately, the veteran stage entertainer is busy beyond comprehension (by choice). Her sweet reward — applause — is one that all of us should experience when we’ve shown up for work and done well what we’ve been hired to do. But until the day when everybody gets a standing ovation upon punching the clock at 5pm, we’ll just have to be happy for Lavin.

via www.thevillager.com

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