(Daphne Merkin’s article appeared in The New York Times Magazine, 12/21.)

BORN INTO A FAMILY of regal thespians, the youngest of three children, she was the tall, chubby, slightly awkward girl who loved her nanny and her chestnut pony, Rosalinda. Lynn Redgrave may never have been quite the hapless ugly duckling she would play in the era-defining 1966 movie “Georgy Girl,” but she was a lonely, sickly child, forever afraid of her “perfectionist” father, Sir Michael Redgrave (who failed to note her birth in his long diary entry for March 8, 1943), and dazzled by her good-looking and self-possessed siblings, Vanessa and Corin. In one of the childhood games they played together, Lynn recalled in her memoir-cum-diet-book, “This Is Living,” Vanessa was president of the United States, Corin was prime minister of England and Lynn had to make do with impersonating the royal dog.

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See a PBS interview with Lynn Redgrave and Tavis Smiley at:  http://video.pbs.org/video/1484436103/

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