(Tara Brady’s interview appeared in the Irish Times, 12/24.)

BACKSTAGE PASS: ‘It’s the song and dance man’s King Lear’ . . . TARA BRADY meets Tommy Steele before a performance of ‘Scrooge’

THE ORCHESTRA IS due in for a warm up. Boxes of fruit are being unpacked and transferred on to faux Victorian market stalls. The cast is button-coated with the occasional tiny crutch at the ready.

It’s all go as the veritable army of folks behind Scrooge – the Grand Canal Theatre revival of the West End hit production – counts down to curtain call. In the hullabaloo, Tommy Steele, a pro of the old school, is taking his time lining up the child cast for a publicity shot. A patient tutor in the art and craft of jazz hands, he keeps them laughing, shows each of them their move; then shows it again, and again.

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