(Craig Lucas’s interview appeared in BOMB 43/Spring 1993.)

Tony Kushner’s seven-hour epic, Angels in America, A Gay Fantasia on National Themes, was seen for the first time in its entirety at Los Angeles’ Mark Taper Forum in the Fall of 1992. The play, which is in two parts — Millennium Approaches and Perestroika — concerns itself with Roy Cohn at the time of his AIDS diagnosis in 1985, a gay Manhattan couple, one of whom also has AIDS, a black male nurse (and ex-drag queen), and a seemingly-straight Mormon couple. Millennium Approaches received London’s Evening Standard Award as best play of 1992. This interview took place in a small office at the Theater Communications Group where auditions were being held for the upcoming New York production of Millennium, to be directed by George C. Wolfe, opening at the end of April at the Walter Kerr.

Craig Lucas It must all be overwhelming.

Tony Kushner Yeah, it is. It’s been a very, very strange time. I feel very lost and confused and sort of unclear about what I should be doing with the play, where I should be going with it and where I should be going after the play is done, and it’s not going to be done for quite a while because we’re not even going to open Perestroika until October of next year, and then it’ll be opening in London at the same time.

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