(Helen Shaw’s article appeared in Timeout New York, June 2-9.)

There’s a new reason to brave the fuzzy hats and joss sticks crowding the sidewalks of St. Marks Place: The Amoralists, the suddenly omnipresent and omnipraised troupe, has risen again at Theatre 80 on that storied street. With two solid hits under their belt—2009’s The Pied Pipers of the Lower East Side and this season’s Happy in the Poorhouse—the company now presents its barely seen 2008 Amerissiah (a mash-up of the words America and messiah) as part of a staggeringly busy year. Not only are there already plans to revive the two prior smashes for an encore season at P.S. 122 and to premiere Adam Rapp’s Ghost in the Cottonwoods this fall, but, tossing aside concerns for health and sanity, Amerissiah opens five weeks after Poorhouse closed.

via newyork.timeout.com

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