(Warnock's article appeared on Extra Criticum, 5/25.)

Five o'clock on a Monday on an overcast May day; Broken-field running down 42nd St. to get to Playwrights Horizons at the appointed time. Spring is the time when all your invites and dates get so compacted that you'd have to bend the time-space continuum to get everything in: the reading of a new play at Coyote Rep; the benefit for WOW on E. 4th St. On this overcast day I picked the Lilly.

A month ago, The Lilly wasn't even an idea; but May's also the time when nominations and awards are announced. Of the plays racking up honors and mentions, and trophies and afterlifes in the regionals, that clamoring silence you heard was when they announced the names of plays written by women. 

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