(From the Clyde Fitch Report, 5/20. Malpede’s play Prophecy starts previews on May 27, opens June 4, and runs through June 20 at the East Fourth Street Theatre–83 E. 4th St.)

The proliferation of war plays since the terrorist attacks of 9/11 could fill, if I had to venture a guess, about a dozen volumes in a challengingly academic font. Certainly our very definition of what constitutes a “war play” has evolved markedly over the last nine years — by some angles, American Idiot might even qualify, given that Green Day’s album-turned-Broadway-musical features a character who is seduced by the military and goes off to fight in one of America’s charming overseas wars, only to return home minus a limb. By other angles, the mere inclusion of a character involved in the nation’s military-industrial complex might not a war play make. Like war itself, along with its causes and cures, it is all a matter of what each of us personally deems to be true.

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