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Vanessa Redgrave dropped out of the Russell Crowe Robin Hood when Natasha died (replaced by Eileen Atkins) and a few months later signed on to this new movie, where her costar is Franco Nero, her husband:


“Audiences who see Letters to Juliet can't help but be touched by the sense of loss embedded in Redgrave's performance.  Indeed, her costars were impressed by how she carried herself during such a difficult time in her life.  ‘Vanessa is very present,’ says Amanda Seyfried, who plays a young romantic who helps reunite the former lovers.  ‘I feel she lives moment to moment and allows herself to feel what comes along.’


“After going through so much in the past year, Redgrave finds strength in surviving family members.  ‘Love always helps,’ she says.  ‘It is love that you count on.  The love you've been given through a particular family individual, you count as an extraordinary gift, and you miss that very much.  But you know that you've had it. And nothing can take that away.’ ”

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