(From Cortney Harding, Reuters, 4/16.)

Green Day's "American Idiot" hits Great White Way

NEW YORK (Billboard) – It's the evening of Thursday, April 1, and, no foolin', Broadway's St. James Theater is packed. Previews of the musical "American Idiot" started little more than a week ago in anticipation of an April 20 opening, and the theater has been close to capacity every night.

Onstage, faded rock posters and multiple TV screens provide the backdrop for 95 minutes of singing, dancing and Green Day songs. The plot centers on three young men trying to escape dead-end suburban lives. Will fails to get in gear even when his girlfriend falls pregnant; the other two "succeed," in a manner of speaking. Tunny winds up being seduced by a flashy military recruiter, goes to war and promptly loses a leg and gains a nurse to love. The other, the Jesus of Suburbia on 2004's "American Idiot" album, renamed Johnny, picks up a dope habit and girlfriend, loses the latter because of the former and winds up right back where he started. He comes home, along with his friends, emboldened with a new sense of personal responsibility.


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