(Jerry Tallmer's article appeared in the March 31 – April 6, 2010 issue of the Villager.)

Charming tale summons ‘all sorts of emotions’
At coffee shop, playwright & star talk of Paris, play, love, ‘Limonade’

A young woman whom you would look at twice, and maybe three times, sits alone at a café table in Paris, France.

An older man, a rather square American — in his 50s? maybe older? — enters and looks vaguely around.

“Are you Andrew?” the young woman asks.

“Oh, well, yes, I am,” the man replies.

“I am Ya Ya,” the young woman says. “I am a friend of your friend you were going to meet, but he cannot come because for some reason…You will have a limonade or a coffee with me?”

“Oh, yes, certainly,” the man says. “Thank you very much.”

Thus begins — well, the word “charming “ is one of the most sadly worn-out in the language, but “Limonade Tous les Jours” by is to this mind as truly charming as anything since Giraudoux and Anouilh.

And more truly sexual.


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