(Cookie Mueller's interview appeared in the Spring 1983 isssue.)

Cookie Mueller Shall I ask you questions?

H.M. Koutoukas Whatever you want.

CM I do have a couple of questions. Is the white in your hair real?

HK Bleached. I decided to look the way I feel. Everyone thought I was dying my roots black. Some people get their blond hair by squeezing cats over their heads.

CM I was thinking the last time I saw you you looked like Auntie Mame in mourning. You know, the sophisticated widow look. But I see now part of it is magenta.

HK This is my Christian hairdo. Santa’s helper falls into the color Xerox machine, I’m working my way toward the Bride of Frankenstein look. Was that a question? Yes, my hair is real.

H.M. Koutoukas writes and directs plays. Although there’s been no full scale public production in about four years, he’s had 150 equity approved extravangas and 40 one-act pieces produced. Years ago, he had a workshop called “The School for Gargoyles” where such people as Harvey Fierstein, Gerome Ragny, James Rado, and Tom O’Horgan, among others, were the gargoyles who since have graduated into statues.

“I’m everybody’s cheerleader,” he says.

I went to his home late one afternoon for this interview; the candles in the overhead chandelier were burning and the place had that Gothic antediluvian look. I found Koutoukas and George Afamis, the handsome Cyprian, brewing coffee and reading. We laughed a lot throughout this interview. Koutoukas is very quick.


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