(Alexis Soloski's article appeared in the Village Voice, 3/2.) 

On the Impious Mash-Up Whatever Heaven Allows (WHA?!)

Radiohole cracks open Milton and Douglas Sirk

Fortunately, John Milton is dead, so he will never see the scrumptious travesty that Radiohole's Whatever Heaven Allows (WHA?!) makes of his epic poem. An impious mash-up of Paradise Lost and Douglas Sirk's '50s weepie All That Heaven Allows, this new show at P.S.122 makes the fall from grace awfully fun. It indeed showcases "man's first disobedience"—and his second, and his third, etc.

The Brooklyn performance group Radiohole has often relied on literary and cinematic inspiration—Westerns, detective flicks, Norse myths, Moby-Dick. Generally deconstructive, their work delights in popping subtextual pimples, resulting in plays that are vulgar and enormously satisfying. Happily, Radiohole combines this anarchic spirit with actorly rigor. No matter how chaotic their stage antics seem, the pandemonium results from ample rehearsal and reflection.


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