(Tom Sellar's article appeared March 2 in the Village Voice.)


Mark Ravenhill Helps Bette Bourne Look Back in A Life in Three Acts

When the legendary performer Bette Bourne mentioned to a much younger friend, the playwright Mark Ravenhill, that he'd lived in a "drag commune" back in the 1970s, Ravenhill was floored. "I hadn't heard of gay communes," says Ravenhill, who is 43. "I hadn't appreciated how uncharted a lot of gay history was."

Minding that knowledge gap, the two Londoners will present Bourne's memoir onstage at St. Ann's Warehouse in Brooklyn, March 4 through 28. Titled A Life in Three Acts, the two-hour event puts Ravenhill in the interviewer's chair, where he listens and learns as Bourne recalls his family life, early forays into activism and drag, his formation of the Gay Liberation Front, and cabaret life with the New York troupe Hot Peaches.


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