(Alison Gzowski's article appeared in the Globe and Mail, 2/26.)

A foot in the sand, a foot in the snow

Your books are not just crime stories, but crime is a prism through which we see the world. Why are we so drawn to see the world that way?

We who live today are not that different from people a couple of thousand years ago. Go way back to ancient Greek drama. What did they write about? Take Medea. It’s a play about a woman who murders her two children because of jealousy. If that is not a crime story, I don’t know what it is. The difference is, Greek society had nothing called the police; they sorted things out in other ways. But if there had been police, I am certain there would have been police in the play. So the Greeks realized early on that to use the mirror of crime to look at contradictions within a society, between exterior man and interior man, between dream and reality, is one of the most efficient ways of telling a story.

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