(The following interview with Vanessa Redgrave appeared in the Telegraph, 2/22.)

Bafta Awards 2010: Vanessa Redgrave interview

The Bafta Fellowship winner discusses regrets, favourite films, and the real 'Tash’How to address Vanessa Redgrave is the question. She’s 73 and a living legend, so to call her Vanessa feels far too cheeky. But Ms Redgrave sounds too formal, and her married name Mrs Nero (she married her on-off boyfriend of 43 years, Italian actor Franco Nero three years ago) seems quite unsuitable for such an Amazonian creature.

'Ha ha ha,’ she chortles in her languid smoker’s tones, when I ask her what she’d prefer. 'We’re going to be speaking to each other for an hour, so Vanessa is fine.’ My instincts, I say, are that she should be Dame Vanessa, the third hypostase of the Trinity whose other members are Dame Judi and Dame Maggie. But Redgrave, in keeping with her reputation as a champagne Trotskyist and enemy of the Establishment, is rumoured to have declined a damehood in 1999. Is that true? 'Even to talk about the subject would be totally incorrect, lèse majesté,’ she reprimands, gently but sternly.


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