(Marc Lee's article appeared in the Telegraph, 2/12.)

Daughter of Orson Welles: daddy never let me hold him back

Orson Welles was an erratic father who always put film-making before family 

From the moment of her birth, it was clear that Orson Welles’s first daughter was embarking on a life less ordinary. When the titan of cinema became a father for the first time in 1938, he decided the ideal name for his “darling girl” would be… Christopher.

Welles marked the happy event by sending telegrams announcing, “Christopher she is here”. How soon did she realise that she had an unusual if not unique name for a girl? “I was made to know that as a child,” she says. “I was teased mercilessly in school and was quite miserable as a result. I wanted to change it to Linda.”


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