(Theresa Rebeck's article appeared in the Guardian, 1/27.)

Do playwrights moan? Damn right – and so we should

As long as Broadway remains in thrall to movie-star revivals, contemporary American theatre will stay in the doldrums

The big question in arts journalism was asked last week: Are American playwrights whiners? This is how it happened: TDF, an organisation whose initials stand for "Theater Defense Fund" published a book, which has been ruthlessly researched and documented for seven years. It's called Outrageous Fortune: the Life and Times of the New American Play, and it presents a spectacularly thorough compendium of facts about what the life of a playwright in America looks like.

The presentation of these facts – with pie charts, lists and statistics – irked a critic in Chicago, who published a blog about how playwrights are whiners. This blog was reported on in the arts page of the New York Times, in an article that also discussed whether or not playwrights were whiners.

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(Theresa Rebeck's work is included in One on One: The Best Women's Monologues for the 21st Century–from Applause Theatre and Cinema Books.)

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