(Nigel Farndale's article appeared in the Telegraph, 1/19.)


Sir Tom Stoppard interview


As 'Every Good Boy Deserves Favour' is revived at the National Theatre, Britain's most infamous playwright talks politics, famous muses and the true meaning of 'Stoppardian'.


The tall, hunched figure smoking on the roof terrace of the National Theatre has his back to me, but his Wildean mien, and indeed mane, makes him unmistakable.


As he smokes, he contemplates the inky clouds over the equally black Thames and, for a moment, I contemplate him. If only he had a silk scarf draped over his shoulder, this tableau vivant would be complete.


Sir Tom Stoppard’s face, when he turns, is still, at 72, as brooding and handsome as ever. In his youth he was compared with Mick Jagger, because of his pout, but a better comparison would be with David Gilmour of Pink Floyd.


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