T H E  N E R V E  T A N K
Melanie S. Armer, Chance D. Muehleck: Co-founders

Michael Roderick at Broadway World has named us one of the 10 to watch in 2010!

“Currently in residence at the Brooklyn Lyceum, The Nerve Tank provides the type of experimental theatre that reminds one of Beckett's most thought provoking pieces. Often using digital projection, wild costumes, and even wilder text, this company provides so much food for thought, audiences will be intellectually satiated. Whether it means performing inside of a huge see-through box, filling a space with florescent lights, or making bold statements about consumer culture as it relates to Coca-Cola, the audience is always in for something they have not seen before.”

2009 was a year of incredible growth for The Nerve Tank:

We launched our residency at the Brooklyn Lyceum with two ground-breaking shows: A Gathering and bauhaus the bauhaus.

We partnered with writer/director Elena Zucker of the Vertical Company to bring her Poetic Precision workshop to the Lyceum.

We helped raise awareness of New York’s indie scene by joining the League of Independent Theatre and participating in TCG’s Free Night of Theatre.

2010 promises to be just as ambitious, with LIVE/FEED opening in May and several projects in development.

LIVE/FEED (formerly In the Heart of a Chinese Curse) is a movement theater piece that focuses on the actors’ physical relationships with each other and with the performance space. The text becomes a navigational tool for these discoveries. Inspired by an apocryphal quote (“May you live in interesting times”), LIVE/FEED deals with issues of control in a violent and chaotic landscape. Portions of this project have been workshopped at Dixon Place.

See the LIVE/FEED teaser video here.

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Thanks for making last year so successful for us – and here’s to more experiments in 2010!

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