(Rebecca Mead's article appeared in the 1/4 edition.)

Norse Goddess

Liv Ullmann—actor, director, muse—has been in town for her production of “A Streetcar Named Desire,” at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, and the other day she dropped by the Chanin Building, on East Forty-second Street, to perform a role for which she is less well known, that of honorary chair of the Women’s Refugee Commission. Ullmann had in tow a woman with mussed short blond hair and Prada glasses: “the Barbara Walters of Norway,” as Ullmann put it, who is making a documentary about her. The Barbara Walters of Norway—whose name is Anne Grosvold—was wearing comfy flats and carrying her own tripod, something that the Barbara Walters of America probably hasn’t done for a while.

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