(Jorg von Uthmann's review appeared on Bloomberg 12/24.)

Chaplin’s Grandson Charms in Paris Show of Mime, Magic:


James Thierree’s show at the Theatre de la Ville in Paris is no less mysterious than his previous ones, and no less enchanting.

Thierree, 35, is tired of being compared with Charlie Chaplin, his grandfather, whom he eerily resembles. Let’s simply say that irrespective of his famed lineage, he’s one of France’s most original performers.

Like Chaplin, he has shunned spoken theater in favor of mime, which has a venerable history in France. Those who have seen Marcel Carne’s 1945 movie “Les Enfants du Paradis” will recall Jean-Louis Barrault in the role of Debureau, playing the white-clad, ever-hopeful, always disappointed Pierrot.

Another celebrated forerunner was Marcel Marceau and his creature Bip, the white-faced clown with sailor trousers and a striped jacket. The heretofore nameless heir to Pierrot and Bip is called Raoul.

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