(Nosheen Iqbal's article appeared in the Guardian, 12/22.) 

Is Hugh Grant right about the trouble with theatre?

Watching a play is enjoyable 'about one time in 20', claims the Bridget Jones and Four Weddings star. He might be on to something

Aaahh, Hugh Grant. Champion of posh stutterers, king of past-it bachelors everywhere. When he's not perfecting his surprised, wide-eyed bumbling on screen or buying Warhols while drunk, it seems that Grant can be found offering insights into the tortured state of the average theatregoer.

"I personally find going to the theatre is enjoyable about one time in 20", he told World Entertainment News Network (WENN) last week. "The other 19 you're just going, 'Oh, come on. Let's get to the end of it and have a drink'". One might carp that these are brave words coming from a man currently doing the publicity rounds for trite romcom Did You Hear About the Morgans? – and whose own oeuvre includes the woefully tedious American Dreamz and Two Weeks Notice. But let's not be petty. Grant is, after all, our unofficial ambassador to the world of what an English gent should officially look and sound like; if he thinks one of our great national artforms is sheltering behind pretension and piety, we should jolly well sit up and listen.

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