(From the 12/31/09 issue–on a tip from Taylor Mac's Facebook page:)

Best (and worst) of 2009

David Cote, Theater editor

1. Ruined
Lynn Nottage’s award-magnet was more than an urgent dispatch about violence against women in the Congo; it was masterful drama that blasted past our borders.

2. Our Town
Director David Cromer rescued Thornton Wilder’s community-stage chestnut from cozy irrelevance, grounding the nostalgia in human pain and dark irony.

3. Les Éphémères
Seven hours of interlocking human narratives on rolled platforms spanning generations almost wasn’t enough. Merci beaucoup, director Ariane Mnouchkine!

4. The Lily’s Revenge
Another epic: This time, glam-punk performance diva Taylor Mac sent audiences on a five-part vision quest that queered love and marriage.

5. The Shipment
The subject of race in America is never black-and-white—and audacious Young Jean Lee drove the point home in an exquisite piece of cringe comedy.

6. Fela!
Are you trying to shake up the Broadway musical, Bill T. Jones? With this mind-blowing Afrobeat homage to Fela Kuti, you succeed.

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