(James C. Taylor's article appeared in the Los Angeles Times, November 8.)


 Irishman Enda Walsh doesn't let words get in the way

His 'Walworth Farce' opens Wednesday at UCLA Live, and 'New Electric Ballroom' comes to Westwood in December.

Reporting from New York – For a writer, Enda Walsh has surprisingly little faith in words.

The 42-year old Irish dramatist's plays "The Walworth Farce" and "The New Electric Ballroom" have earned rave reviews on both sides of the Atlantic. But he insists that "words sort of get in the way sometimes."

When challenged on this issue, Walsh points to an experience he had in Italy: "I had a play called 'Bedbound' that I directed in Italian before I directed it in English." Walsh adds that he doesn't speak Italian — nor did the cast speak any English.

"I had a translator for three days, but then I got rid of her because I didn't need her," he says, "I knew the play, they knew the play, and it was about finding the rhythm of it. We all knew the scenes, and I knew emotionally what they were trying to get at. It was a very funny experience."

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