(Christopher Isherwood’s article appeared in The New York Times, November 7.)


The Bridegroom Wore Eye Shadow, Petals and Lime Fishnet


Arguments in favor of gay marriage have taken many forms, from snappy phrases stretched across muscle T’s to miniature musicals on YouTube, op-ed pieces and learned essays. (My favorite, from a poster at a protest march: “We Can’t All Marry Liza Minnelli!”) But surely none can match the mad extravagance of “The Lily’s Revenge,” a scrappy spectacle written by and starring the drag artist Taylor Mac, now splashing across the stage of Here Arts Center in a swirling tide of tattered lime green fishnet, eye shadow and sequins.

A five-hour tide of fishnet, eye shadow and sequins, that is.

“This play is very long!” intones an imperious female figure as the show begins. “In fact this play will be much longer than advertised. Trust me when I say, this play could very well last the rest of your life!” Heed her we should, since the speaker is something of an authority on the topic of duration: she is Time itself, squeezed into a black cocktail dress in the shape of an hourglass, with an elaborate cuckoo clock affixed to her head, Ziegfeld Follies-style.

Time the character, played with histrionic hauteur by a performer known as Miss Bianca Leigh, flits in and out of this crackpot allegory, in which a lily (the wide-eyed Mr. Mac) embarks on a convoluted romantic odyssey spanning realms human and horticultural, spiritual and worldly, raunchy and academic. Yet time the concept gradually ebbs away as the evening progresses.

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