The performance also meant the very first stage opening of a Bergman text not directed by Bergman himself. The reviews were for the most part positive and the critics agreed on the relevance of the play as well as the high quality of the acting, represented by Livia Millhagen's Marianne and maybe above all, Jonas Karlsson's Johan. The direction by Stefan Larsson, actor in Bergman's own stage production of Mary Stuart, was also generally appreciated.

In Swedish Radio, the critic Maria Edström pointed out the humour of the production, containing an absudity that, according to her, was not present in Bergman's TV version. In evening daily Expressen, Margareta Sörenson reasoned that Bergman's Marianne is someone that today, more than ever, most people can relate to, and that the warmth and persistence of the text makes it universal.

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