(The following article was written by Angie Brown, Edinburgh reporter, BBC Scotland news, 8/11/09.) 

Seeing outside the box on Fringe


As I sat blindfolded in a Fringe production of Don Quixote – a story about one man's vision of the world – I thought what a stroke of genius the director had for seeing outside the box.

I had no conception of the performance space or the actors, a restriction which enabled the performers to stage the unstageable.

Despite wearing a mask I could see in my mind's eye the shining knight, Don Quixote, riding his skinny horse "Rocinante" as he clip-clopped past me.

I could even visualise the inn, which he sees as a castle.

It is as if as Don Quixote says I had been "deceived by my own eyes".

His horse's tail swished past my face, making me jump, and I was overpowered by the most ghastly smell.

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