(Patrick Healy's article appeared in The New York Times, July 8.  As you link to the article, don’t miss the accompanying photo, which features the actress Heather Girardi, a friend of Stage Voices. )   

The Season Is Summer, but the Fare Is Not Stock


M J BRUDER MUNAFO never had any real interest in theater until she became a year-round resident of Martha’s Vinyard in 1975, when she began assisting with props for shows as a way of becoming involved in her new community.

She quickly became a theater critic of sorts as well, if her private thoughts were any measure.

“I remember watching rehearsals and thinking, ‘I don’t understand why the director is doing it that way,’ or ‘I don’t understand why we’re doing yet another production of “Guys and Dolls,” ’ ” she said. “It sort of set me on a course.”



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