Directed by George Bartenieff

In the Studio Theatre

An evening of short plays by seven performers about seven famous artists: Van Gogh, Magritte Klimt, Dali, Hopper, Bacon and Pollock.

May 21 – May 30

Thursday & Friday – 7pm
Saturday 3 & 7pm

$10 for students

The Cherry Lane Theatre:

Through Telecharge at 212.239.6200

Cherry Lane Studio History

Cherry Lane Studio opened its doors in September, 1998 as a birthing room for new American work. Artistic Director Angelina Fiordellisi created the 60-seat black-box theater, originally named the “Alternative Space,” with Samuel Anderson Architects. At that time, CLT Studio benefited from the generosity of our community, including theater-operator and producer Carolyn Copeland, who donated sixty chairs from The Lamb’s Theater basement, as well as artist and producing board member Jack Gindi, who donated our technical booth, sound and lighting boards. The seating was upgraded and made retractable in 2006 with a generous grant provided by New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn.

Prior to its present incarnation, the 1,000-square-foot space housed a restaurant in the 1950s that was built and managed by the Carroad family, who once owned and operated the entire block.  The yard behind their building at 44 Commerce Street served as an outdoor eating area for the restaurant during spring and summer, and the Cherry Lane boiler once served all the properties on our stretch of Commerce Street. The restaurant, which had a floor dotted with gold-plated fleurs-de-lis, also served as a late-night gay club in the 60s and 70s.

Arnold Warwick, a tenant at 40 Commerce Street since 1950, claims that the Carroad family

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