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Red Light Winter

by Adam Rapp

Matt is a down-and-out playwright who hasn't fully recovered from the loss of his girlfriend, which made him into an insomniac with both health and confidence problems. Davis, a fast-rising book editor, is the guy who Matt's ex left him for. In comes Christina, a beautiful but mysterious window shopper from the Red Light District that Davis brings back to the hostel for Matt to . . . partake in while Davis goes out for some space cakes.

Adam Rapp’s Red Light Winter is the story of two former college buddies who decide to fulfill the American fantasy of a vacation in Amsterdam, filled with all of the obvious vices one would be arrested for doing here in the U.S. Although comedic at times, Red Light Winter is not a comedy. It is an examination of the strong effect friends and strangers can have on one another.

The first act is the night the characters meet in the hostel back in Amsterdam. The second act takes place back in New York City a year later at Matt's loft where Christina randomly shows up. As the play grows, so do Matt and Christina. We begin to see damaged people looking to be loved rather than cardboard characters with simple wants. This is a credit to the diligence and care of Rapp, who skillfully weaves these characters’ needs and dependencies into the fabric of the play. A good selection for any actor’s library.

Characters: 2 M (late 20's to early 30's), 1 W (mid to late 20's)

Scenes/Monologues: Great scene work for all characters with challenging monologues for Matt. A great work that demands full selflessness of the actor. Not easy, but rewarding.

Recommended by: Matty A.


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Red Light Winter by Adam Rapp


It's totally familiar but dreamlike at the same time," observes one American of Amsterdam's notorious Red Light District in the stunning new work from Adam Rapp. Escaping their lives in Manhattan, former college buddies Matt and Davis take off to the Netherlands and find themselves thrown into a bizarre love triangle with a beautiful young prostitute named Christina. But the romance they find in Europe is eventually overshadowed by the truth they discover at home. Written with an unflinching poetic beauty, "Red Light Winter "is a play of sexual intrigue that explores the myriad and misguided ways we seek to fill the empty spaces inside us.

Product Details

Publisher : Faber & Faber
Published : 12/01/2005
Format : Paperback , pages 97
ISBN-10 : 0865479542
ISBN-13 : 9780865479548

(Adam Rapp’s work is represented in One on One:  The Best Women’s Monologues for the 21st Century and the August title Duo!:  The Best Scenes for Two for the 21st Century—from Applause Theatre and Cinema Books.)

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