Ben Brantley’s article appeared 4/7/09:


Panties, Squirrels and Lots of Ammo

Don’t feel guilty about laughing so hard at “Why Torture Is Wrong, and the People Who Love Them,” Christopher Durang’s hilarious and disturbing new comedy about all-American violence. Though it tackles and practically tickles to death subjects that are sensitive to the point of rawness just now, the production, which opened on Monday night at the Public Theater, has a healthier heart and conscience than many a more pious play.

It’s just that Mr. Durang chooses to wear his morality not as a minister’s black robe but as a jester’s crazy motley. There are occasions when this is perfectly correct attire for playwrights of good faith, especially when they’re visiting matters that have started to seem too serious to be taken seriously. Like guns in the hands of angry and irrational people, and torture as a first-resort means of interrogation, and raging paranoia as an accepted worldview . . .

Christopher Durang’s work is anthologized in Applause’s One on One:  The Best Women’s Monologues for the 21st Century and the upcoming Duo!:  The Best Scenes for Two for the 21st Century.



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