Ben Brantley’s review appeared April 3, 2009:



First You Shut Up, Then You Grow Up

Neil LaBute has never been the guy to go to if you’re looking to get all misty eyed. The savagely comic work of this dramatist and screenwriter — whose credits include the plays “bash” and “Fat Pig” and the film “In the Company of Men” — has always been more likely to elicit flinching, wincing, recoiling in repugnance and gasping (or smiling cynically) at the perfidy of the human beast . . .

(Neil LaBute’s dramatic work is included in One on One:  The Best Women’s Monologues for the 21st Century; One on One:  The Best Men’s Monologues for the 21st Century; and the upcoming Duo!:  The Best Plays for Two for the 21st Century (due in August and including a selection from Reasons to be Pretty)—all from Applause Theatre and Cinema Books.)

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