Hear two plays by Harold Pinter, in tribute to the playwright who died in 2008.


First performed in 1993, this radio production of Pinter's play was recorded to mark his 70th birthday.

Andy, a middle aged civil servant, lies in his bed, dying. His wife tries desperately to bring his estranged adult sons to his side. Bridging these two worlds is the haunting presence of the daughter they have lost.

Andy …… Harold Pinter
Bel …… Sara Kestelman
Ralph …… John Shrapnel
Maria …… Jill Johnson
Jake …… Douglas Hodge
Fred …… Harry Burton
Bridget …… Indira Varma

Music by Elizabeth Parker
Directed by Janet Whitaker


One of Pinter's last dramatic works, this was first broadcast in 2005. Some of the tormentors and the tormented so potently etched in Pinter's later plays are brought together with a musical setting by the composer James Clarke.

Voices: Harry Burton, Anastasia Hille, Andy de la Tour, Douglas Hodge, Gabrielle Hamilton, Roger Lloyd-Pack, Gawn Grainger, Harold Pinter and Indira Varma. Music: Apartment House; Eileen Aagaard; Prometheus Ensemble; Rolande van der Paal; Etienne Siebens; BBC Symphony Orchestra conducted by Martyn Brabbins and David Porcelijn; Fatma Mehralieva.



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