Celia McGee’s article on Lynn Nottage, below, appeared in The New York Times on January 21, 2009:  

Approaching Brecht, by Way of Africa


SO many decades and productions have washed against the muddy wheels of Bertolt Brecht’s play “Mother Courage and Her Children” that the title has sunk deep into the ordinary and familiar. But when the playwright Lynn Nottage spoke the first two words of the title to Congolese women in the refugee camps of Uganda in 2004, she said, they repeated them in such a way that the words became woundingly new . . .


Lynn Nottage on YouTube:


Manhattan Theater Club Web site:



Lynn Nottage’s work can be found in One on One:  The Best Women’s Monologues for the 21st Century, One on One:  The Best Men’s Monologues for the 21st Century, and the upcoming Duo!:  The Best Scenes for Two for the 21st Century—all from Applause Theatre and Cinema Books.


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