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Jack & Jill
by Jane Martin

To love or not to love? That is the question one must ask after reading Jane Martin's romantic comedy (more in the vein of Annie Hall then Sleepless in Seattle.) The play focuses on the ups and downs of one oddly perfect couple.

Martin does not openly raise the question of whether or not Jack and Jill are right for each other. (In fact, you could argue either side of that debate.) The playwright simply presents two shattered and fragile individuals in an attempt to reveal how ridiculous love is when clung to as a means of self-appraisal.

Love makes total sense when you're in it. But as we all know, any friend or family member who is an outsider to any given relationship is automatically qualified to be Dr. Phil. With Jane Martin as a non-judgmental tour guide, Jack and Jill makes for an enjoyable and humorous exercise recognizable to anyone who’s gone through the ups and downs of a serious relationship.

Cast: 1M, 1F

Monologues/Scenes: Great monologues that could be played for comedic value or with a serious, dramatic tone. (After all, if a relationship is a joke we don't know that in the moment.) Scenes are great and fast-paced.

Recommended by: Matt A.

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