Below is the November 12, 2008 New York Times review link for Streamers by David Rabe.


Banter in the Barracks Takes a Serious Turn


The theater’s heavy reliance on revivals sometimes feels like a steady diet of disillusionment. Plays that seemed risky and fresh a couple of decades ago can seem tame, lame or seriously stale when they’re dusted off and remounted today. For firm evidence, see most of the revivals on Broadway this fall.

Not so with “Streamers,” David Rabe’s 1976 drama about the tensions among a group of soldiers contemplating the looming shadow of the escalating Vietnam War . . .

(Follow the link below to read the full article)

(Excerpts from two plays by David Rabe are included in One on One: The Best Men’s Monologues for the 21st Century just published by Applause Theatre & Cinema Books.)

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